Blogging - Tips & Tricks

  1. How to make or divide header of Blog into two parts and fill the space with AdSense Ads 
  2. Hiding/ Removing/ Reducing space above blogger header or logo 
  3. How to display facebook like button on your blog
  4. How to make favicon for your blog/website
  5. How to use Favicon with your blog
  6. How to display Twitter following Button on your blog
  7. How to display Google Adsense Code(Ad) inside post
  8. How to Remove Navbar from Your Blog by using 3 different easy ways
  9. How to Create,Edit or Remove Labels in Your Blog
  10. How to Remove/Hide blogger posts Date,Time or Author(Posted by) etc.
  11. How to create more than 20 pages with blogger  
  12. How to set Popular Post widget as a home page for your blog 
  13. How to make a welcome page for your blog home page 
  14. How to Remove/Manage "Powered by Blogger" Attribution Widget/Gadget from your Blog using Template edit html 
  15. How to Backup/Restore and Upload yours blogger template 
  16. How to Change/Customize/Handle Page specific Title of a page in Blogger 
  17. How to Add or Remove (Stop Following) blog(s) from your Blogger's Reading List 
  18. How to delete or remove and see the titles of recently deleted your Google's Blog 
  19. How to Block or Remove and Unblock Follower from your Google's Blog 

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